Recommended Study


The links we have given you are for information only except where they reference a trading group or broker and do not constitute an instruction to invest in any particular company, stock or product.
You recommend that you first familiarise yourself with any investment option as specified during the service and seek professional advice if you want to buy stocks or shares.
If you want to trade shares or stocks, we would recommend finding a trading group that guides its students through that form of investing and then study their system with a demo account till you are convinced of the validity of their system.
Please always do your due diligence and never stop learning.


1) Trading group that will teach you to trade Forex, Bitcoin, commodities (Gold, Crude Oil, Silver etc) and also give you trades to take on a daily basis. Its a paid service on a monthly or yearly basis.

2) Link to open account with a broker to enable you trade all the above including Bitcoin. Their performance and spreads are quite good.

3) A website to teach you everything from programming to mathematics to many other skills. This is also a paid service.

4) A website that shows you up and coming business trends

5) is a website that teaches new skills

6) Make Money Online: A free course to start you off on earning a side-income by working online